Wharton Asia Exchange (WAX)


A student-run professional organization of UPenn’s Wharton School bridging the gap between the university community and the Asian business environment.
By providing the requisite resources to increase the understanding of business in Asia, WAX aims to fulfill the aspirations of students interested in making a difference in Asia. The fast-growing, dynamic environment in Asia opens up limitless opportunities for the world’s brightest young minds to establish lasting relationships with their Asian counterparts. This bond will allow the exchange of knowledge, the development of trust, and the foundation of a more fully-integrated global business environment.

President: Diana Lu

Co-VP Communications: Sophia Ye

Co-VP Communications: Proud Tuksinwarajarn

Treasurer: Ravi Patel

Co-VP Journal: Alina Peng

Co-VP Journal: Melinda Hu

VP Professional: Jonathan Mak

VP Corporate and Alumni Relations: Benjamin Liu

VP Corporate Ventures: Emily Fu

VP Global Markets: Parth Khare

Website: www.whartonasia.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whartonasia/
Contact: whartonasia@wharton.upenn.edu