South Asian Society (SAS)


The South Asia Society (SAS) is a student organization dedicated to promoting cultural unity and awareness among its members and the University of Pennsylvania community. Penn has always fostered a thriving and enterprising South Asian community, and along with other campus South Asian organizations, SAS has many opportunities to reach out to Penn students and faculty.

Specifically, SAS’ goals are:
·To increase awareness of and educate the Penn community about South Asian culture and heritage.
·To create an environment in which students are encouraged to explore and experience South Asian culture.
·To increase awareness among, educate, and mobilize students in order to address pertinent issues that face the entire South Asian community, the South Asian collegiate community in America and the Penn South Asian community.
·To encourage social interaction between South Asian students.
·To facilitate the adjustment process for incoming South Asian students at Penn.
·To enhance student-faculty relations.

So how exactly does SAS accomplish these goals?
Through cultural shows, political forums, community service activities, social activities, and a whole host of other cultural events. SAS sponsors a host of events geared toward fulfilling the above goals.

President: Divya Rao

VP Internal: Sonia Gandhi

VP External: Sai Bandi

VP Finance: Rahul Rai

VP Marketing: Shaunak Kulkarni

Cultural Chair: Vashvi Shah

Social Chair: Hari Kumar

Political Chair: Santoshi Kandula

Constituent Chair: Suhita Kodali