Sangam is an Asian-American community discussion group. The mission of Sangam is to promote discussion on social, political and cultural issues pertaining to the Pan-Asian community.
We hold monthly Chai Chat discussions (with free chai and samosas!) on a variety of issues; past topics include representation of Asians in the media, interracial dating, perceptions of beauty, and Asian stereotypes.
We aim to serve as an outlet for conversation and a resource for proactive solutions. Often our topics are relevant to the broader minority community. Sangam is open to anyone who is interested in discussing these issues and to those who want to engender dialogue and awareness.

President: Howard Yuan

Vice President: Rudmila Rashid

External Co-Chair: Benjamin Oh

External Co-Chair: Katherine Hsu

Special Events Co-Chair: Chelsea Lin

Special Events Co-Chair: Alicia Jen

Finance Chair: Grant Cho

Publicity Chair: Melisa Lee