Congratulations APSC XXII Board!


APSC XXI board, thank you for an amazing term. Your impact on the API community will forever be cherished & the leadership you all have shown is absolutely inspiring. Thank you for fighting on behalf of the things you are passionate about. You are irreplaceable in our hearts. And now, we'd also like to send a warm congratulations to the new APSC XXII Executive Board, which will consist of: Sarah Cho, C'17 | Chair Brandon Chin, W'17 | Vice Chair Yen-Yen Gao, W'18 | Vice Chair of Political Affairs Maya Rawal, C'17 | Vice Chair of Constituent Affairs Andy Miao, C'18 | Vice Chair of Finance Majid Mubeen, W'17 | Vice Chair of External Affairs Michelle Shen, C'19 | Vice Chair of Communications

We wish this new board the best of luck & cannot wait to see them lead the API community with their great ideas and visions.

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