3/15/15 Board Minutes

APSC XXI Board Meeting AgendaSunday, March 15, 2015. 5 PM EST. Rodin 104

Question: Favorite part of spring break?


Chair 5B Meeting Phi Delt/Greek Life University Council Interview ARCH Programming SFSAB Women’s Week DP Competition Get people to vote for us!! Mental Wellness Week PAACH Monthly Dinner 76ers SASAI Jennie and Brandon help POCO

Vice Chair Board Social Events Jin, Jennie - UMC Mixer Waiting on dates UPAAN Program is almost all set Multicultural Scholars Program Room reservations currently being made ASAM Meeting

Political University Council 5B: CDUS restructuring Mental Health Discussion Initiative 5B Zero Tolerance Policy UA Steering PVP Creating new student group with peer advisors to increase awareness TD Albert: start posting articles to facebook page again

Constituent APSC Dollars Lunch w/ a Senior Constituent Board Mixers PTS and PennThai had mixer Presidents dinner Will probably be around Spring Fling APSC Olympics Asian student union banquets idea

Finance T-Change/ICF/Penn Traditions ARCH Programming Upcoming Funding Applications Penn Q&A - event during QPenn Penn Hawaii -Luau Sangam - Chai Chat Sigma Psi Zeta- Philanthropy Brunch Budget LEAP Finance

External APSC wide arts show 5B Speakeasy/Yellow Rage 76ers Asian Heritage NIght - March 30th TD Jin: Call Molly tomorrow Dan aka Dan Hype Collaboration Asian Arts Initiative

Communications Video Project Annual Report formatting Start closely documenting LEAP https://docs.google.com/a/upennapsc.org/document/d/1glJNPdVO8CT-B7nDgOcsiDk1kmwPa3DfyzdWcBiU7io/edit Website Updated contacts on website Branching out from APA community Reach out to DP about events DanakaDan will happen Person of the Week TD Lisa: post TD Lisa: send out TD’s

Discussion 76ers GBM Icebreaker TD Jennie and Brandon: Come up with an icebreaker Video Presentation Announcements DP Competition (Jin) DanakaDan (Sarah) AAI Poetry Slam (Sarah) 76ers (Brandon) Introduce LEAP (Albert) TD Albert: draft up email section to invite LEAP to gbm by 9pm In place of a LEAP meeting, we’d like to invite all of you to come to our biweekly APSC general body meeting. We’ll introduce you to representatives from all 22 of our constituent groups. You’ll also get to see how APSC brings our community together and funds our constituents. Overall, it should be a good learning experience if you are interested in getting involved in the Asian Pacific Islander community and meeting new people. It is this Wednesday, March 18th from 8pm - 9pm in ARCH 108 (the same building as Frontera and PAACH). Hope to see you all there! Funding Apps Penn Q&A - Kay Barrett Presentation (2 min) Motion for Q & A (2 min) Penn Hawaii -Luau Presentation (2 min) Motion for Q & A (2 min) Sangam - Chai Chat Presentation (2 min) Motion for Q & A (2 min) Sigma Psi Zeta- Philanthropy Brunch Presentation (2 min) Motion for Q & A (2 min) TD Lawrence: Make stat sheets for the funding apps Constituent group announcments LEAP (Leadership in Events and Programming)

Board Liaisons TD Brandon: Send board instructions on what kind of email to send to our respective constituent groups, possibly include something about 76ers? Friendly Competition

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