2/22/15 Board Meeting Minutes

APSC XXI Board Meeting Agenda Sunday, February 22, 2015. 5 PM EST.

Harrison 17th Floor Lounge




    • 5B Meeting
    • ASAM
    • Phi Delt/Greek Life
    • University Council Interview
      • Next weekend, board needs to show up for a 30 minute interview
      • Time TBA
    • UC Financial Aid
      • Brought up at UC meeting, asked those who have had problems with financial aid stand up
    • ARCH Programming
    • SFSAB
    • Women’s Week
      • APSC will help market Jessica Williams
    • DP Competition
    • Mental Wellness Week
    • VPUL
      • Trying to get support for the Greek like cultural stuff
    • PAACH Monthly Dinner
    • 76ers
      • Probably will not be confined to a minimum number of tickets


  • TD Jin: Bring it up at the next GBM


    • DP Meeting
      • Offered to cover our events


  • TD Jin: Give Lisa contact information



Vice Chair

    • Board Social Events


  • TD Everyone: Fill out exam schedule
  • TD Jennie: Set up a date for board dinner


      • UMC mixer
    • Board Gear
    • PAACH Anniversary Recap


  • 43 students, 7 faculty
  • TD Lisa: Ask Amanda Martinez for photos
  • TD Jennie: Finish filling out funding


    • Problem with the website
  • Multicultural Scholars Program
    • Mondays 5-6, Jennie will meet with those who organize Quaker Days
    • Looking for ideas for Quaker Days



    • University Council


  • TD Albert: Talk to Mithin and set up a presentation


    • 5B: CDUS restructuring
      • Survey is done and will appear in Penn Course Review for Spring 2015
      • Decided to improve the diversity requirement


  • TD Albert: Fill out the CDUS thing


  • Mental Health Discussion Initiative
  • UA Steering



    • APSC Dollars
    • Lunch w/ a Senior
    • Constituent Board Mixers
      • Not enough constituents are signing up
      • CSA and SAS needs to be rescheduled


  • TD Brandon: Send out email to reschedule


    • Presidents dinner
      • Weekend after spring break tentatively


  • TD Brandon: Send email out to presidents to get their input


  • APSC Olympics
    • Around Spring Fling
  • PAACH Happy Hour
    • Wednesday 8-9 on off days or Fridays 12-1



    • T-Change/ICF/Penn Traditions
    • Upcoming Funding Applications
    • Budget
      • DFD Awkwafina Recap


  • TD Lawrence + Lisa: Meet with Peter and Kusum about funding stuff


  • Mental Wellness Week
    • Saturday event is Active Minds Inspire, so if we are to have a Speakeasy then we should combine it with this event
    • Combine Mental Health Discussion Initiative event with this



    • APSC wide arts show
      • Maybe move date to Sunday


  • TD Sarah: Look for Sunday venues


    • 5B Speakeasy/Yellow Rage
      • Mental Wellness Week collab event would be on the 4th which is too close to DanakaDan
      • Thinking of separating event from the Mental Wellness Week


  • TD Sarah: Reach out to the rest of 5B members


  • DFD/Awkwafina - Feb. 19th at 8pm
    • Success!
  • 76ers Asian Heritage NIght - March 30th
  • Dan aka Dan
    • Contract still in process
    • Venue booked
  • Hype Collaboration
  • Asian Arts Initiave
    • Got flyers, will put them in PAACH



  • Video Project
  • Annual Report formatting
    • Website


  • TD Lisa: Update board contacts and internship opportunities


    • Branching out from APA community


  • TD Albert: Talk to friend Daniel about it


  • Reach out to DP about events
  • Person of the Week




  • TD Lisa: Update LEAP Google Group


  • Board Liaisons