2/8/14 Board Meeting

APSC XXI Board Meeting Agenda Sunday, February 8, 2015. 5 PM EST.

Harrison 16th Floor Lounge


Short Meeting!





    • 5B Meeting
      • Talked about meeting planned for Thursday, still trying to fix NEC seat problem
      • GAPSA voted on 2 graduate seats as opposed to 2 undergraduate seats
      • Want more minority representation on UA, encourage people to apply!
    • ASAM
    • Phi Delt/Greek Life
      • Meeting on Thursday 7pm to discuss agenda
    • University Council Application
      • Due on Feb. 20th
      • Need to apply for UC seat
    • ARCH Programming
      • Still waiting on a meeting time
    • SFSAB
    • Opener for DFD/Awkwafina


  • TD Jin: Email him back telling him we already got Freaks of the Beat


    • Another API artist
    • Fresh Off the Boat Viewings
      • Airing 8pm every Tuesday
        • Use the time for PAACH event funding
      • Watch it in PAACH!!


  • TD Jin: Make FB event for Fresh Off the Boat weekly viewings



Vice Chair

    • Board Social Events
      • Go to more shows together
        • Pan-Asian Dance Troupe show this Friday!
    • Board Gear


  • TD Jennie: Check status of the order


    • PAACH Anniversary
      • Need list of questions to ask panelists (3-4)
        • How did the presence of PAACH transform the social climate of Penn in regards to the treatment of the API community?
        • How has your experience at Penn influenced you on a more personal level?
        • What is your favorite memory of college?
        • Has your perspective of API related issues changed after your experience in career life?
        • What/Who inspired you to be who you are today?
      • Dinner with panelists afterwards, let Jennie know if you can go


  • TD Jennie: Make FB event


    • Gather list of students willing to participate
  • Lunar New Year
    • APSC and PEER hosting casual  event from 12-2 at PAACH



  • University Council
    • Seat change rejected, Mithin still holds the seat
  • 5B: CDUS restructuring
    • Almost finished, questions revised and sent to administrators
    • Course evaluation questions will be added
  • Mental Health Discussion Initiative
    • Meeting today
  • UA Steering
  • Meetings with presidents



  • APSC Dollars
  • Lunch w/ a Senior
  • Constituent Board Mixers
    • CSA & SAS paired up
  • Figuring out Board transitions
  • Presidents dinner
  • APSC Olympics
  • PAACH Happy Hour?



  • T-Change/ICF/Penn Traditions
    • $320 for PAACHing History food
    • $2000 for SPEC Fully Planned for DFD
  • Upcoming Funding Applications
  • Budget
  • CAPE Budget
    • $250 acquired, will probably go towards constituent fund



    • APSC wide arts show
      • Talked to PAC about equipment, but each constituent group only gets a certain number of allowances and we’ve already used them
      • We can rent though


  • TD Sarah: Find a venue and reach out to groups


    • Penn Fashion Week
      • March 21st speaker event
    • 5B Speakeasy
      • Beginning of mental health wellness week
      • Thinking of having guest speakers
      • Market it as express yourself in healthy ways
      • Looking for venue
      • Thinking of collaborating with Sangam, Penn Initiative on Minority Mental Health
    • Yellow Rage
      • Meeting Michelle on Friday, asking her to speak at 5B Speakeasy
    • DFD/Awkwafina - Feb. 19th at 8pm
      • PCUW will collab
      • Spectrum is supposed to be in charge of ticket shifts
      • Sponsors
        • Google spreadsheet created with all possible sponsors, pay for ads depending on size


  • TD Sarah: Divide up possible sponsors for board to contact and write up a short pitch


    • 76ers Asian Heritage NIght - March 30th
      • Need to figure out how many tickets we want
        • Probably around 50 (40 @ $22, 10 @ $35)
    • Dan aka Dan
      • April 5th tentatively
      • Settled on $700 + $500 travel expenses
      • Concerns about the turnout


  • TD Sarah: Email Kollaboration and Dan aka Dan


    • Hype Collaboration
      • Bringing in a dancer on March 21st -Bam Martin, free admission - meet&greet, dance workshop, Q&A
      • Want us to help market, fund


  • TD Sarah: Email them back and tell them we can’t fund but we can help market




    • Video Project
    • ECAASU
      • 7 attendees, renting car, still figuring out if we need a hotel


  • TD Jin: Send Lisa list of what to do as a leader of a delegation


  • Annual Report formatting
  • Website
  • Branching out from APA community




  • TD Sarah: Start a doc laying out details of LEAP
  • TD Albert: Send email to LEAP applicants asking when they’ll be free for 30 min interview Sunday, February 15th and Monday, February 16th


    • 15 Year Anniversary Event Planning with PEER
    • APSC Person of the Week


  • TD Lisa: Post on Monday


  • Ferguson
    • Follow up
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