Town Hall 2015 Minutes

  APSC Town Hall 2015





Open Forum





  1. What is the current state of our coalition? Are we strong? Is it disjointed?
    1. What can we do to unify ourselves?

Strong coalition - People are genuinely interested and caring at GBM’s

Addition of more groups - More would dilute funding, and we want groups to have a unique vision that would add to APSC


  • Cap? Currently we don’t think we need to worry about having a cap. Concerns: More groups would cause the coalition to become weaker


Presidents BYO - Tentatively planned for some time around Spring Fling

Unclear what APSC is here for: Some may think of it as just a means of funding, this turns it into somewhat of a competition

  1. Why is APSC relevant to your group?

Announcements at GBMs about initiatives that APSC is working on behind the scenes

Beneficial if we could tell constituents how they could also get involved in initiatives, i.e 5B initiatives, mental health initiatives


  • Could help with marketing and spreading awareness


  1. How do we ensure that constituents pass down the information to their board members from GBMs? (e.g. if we have a discussion, can we continue the conversation?)
  2. How do your groups utilize PAACH?

Vice Chair

    1. What is your general opinion about APSC GBMs?
      1. How do you feel about the content and how GBMs are led?


  • UMC and APSC meetings on the same day
  • Coordinate with board members to make it to both
  • Rooms already reserved for this semester, difficult to change


  1. Time of GBM’s


  • Popular time for LPS classes


iii. Constituent group announcements feel rushed

  1. Discussions


  • Depends on whether or not the discussion topic is time-sensitive
  • Current event updates that are relevant to the APA community


  1. Funding apps


  • Online funding apps and deliberations probably won’t work
  • Getting through them too slowly, not a great use of time
  • More clear set of parameters on how amount suggestions should be made
  • Maybe finance chair should set guidelines since they are more educated and experienced, let constituents know how much similar events have been funded in the past
  • After constituent group gives presentation, finance chair offers his own opinion and provides more information on how much other funding boards will provide
  • Finance chair comes up with 3 suggested amounts
  • Concern: People would tend to go along with whatever finance chair even if his judgement is flawed
  • Concern: Would have to amend the Constitution
  • Implementing time limits


      1. Do you have anything you would like to see further covered in GBMs?
    1. How do constituents feel about their relationship with APSC board?
      1. How open do constituents feel about reaching out to board members with questions/concerns?


  • More individual meetings with board members
  • Makes it easier for constituents to voice their thoughts
  • Coming out to constituent events means a lot


    1. 3. How transparent is APSC about their projects/initiatives?


  • Announce initiatives at GBM’s and let constituents know how they can get involved



    1. Is your board or constituency interested in political programming? How can APSC contribute and/or support that?
      1. If not, would your board or constituency be interested in supporting programming that APSC will spearhead?
      2. What issues apply to constituent groups and  APSC as a whole?


  • APSC calendar has all the constituent events


    1. How effective do you think discussion forums are in terms of political issues? How can we get people involved in doing something about issues rather than just talking about it?


  • What do these discussions achieve?
  • Constituents can exchange opinions and ideas and possibly bring interesting points back to their group
  • Discussions should be open to everyone
  • Compared to Sangam Chai Chats
  • Participants at APSC GBM’s are representing their groups, it was harder to speak as themselves - makes it slightly uncomfortable
  • Difficult to delve deeper into discussions due to the time crunch
  • Make it more informative, lay down the facts instead of making it seem like APSC thinks this is how you should feel
  • Depends on topic, sometimes informative style can be dull, not as engaging


    1. Would your group be interested in participating more with the 5B Minority Coalitions?


  • Yes
  • Yes, but also more collaboration within APSC



    1. Would the constituents like to see more socials between constituent groups or would it be better for APSC to only encourage, but not facilitate those interactions?


  • Liked 3 on 3 Mixers
  • Constituent Mixers
  • Constituents have pretty packed schedules, maybe consider more casual events like chilling in PAACH
  • Timing is important
  • Don’t do it during times when boards are transitioning, it was weird mixing with a different group when people within the group didn’t even know each other very well
  • Start a spreadsheet to see when people are available
  • Have a set date and location and ask people whether they can make it or not and make reservation accordingly


    1. What types of events or programs would you like to see more...or less?


  • Events that don’t require that much work, more casual
  • BYO bowling or ice skating


  1. How can APSC be more inclusive of smaller constituent groups?


    1. Do you feel like your funding concerns are addressed?
      1. Do you believe the voting procedures, in general, are fair and are able to effectively represent everyone’s opinion?


  • Difficult to have events at PAACH because it doesn’t open on the weekends
  • PAACH guaranteed funding - Goal is to encourage small events like hangouts
  • Exposure for PAACH could be from light constituent programming - separate funding may not be necessary
  • if nobody uses the funds it will move back Mar 18



      1. Did a funding app ever get rejected/partially funded that you thought was reasonable and should’ve gone through (through ICF/T-change as well)
      2. What do you think of the new funding scheme (550 for collabs, 250 for PAACH events, 1000 general body fund)?
      3. Comments on GBM


  • People not open to shout out amounts - writing it down
  • How people plan budgets/funding apps
  • People smart enough to figure the budget out/ already look at the funding
  • Can we be more efficient?
  • Groups don’t know what other groups are asking for funding
  • Agenda will be used to show which groups are asking for funding
  • Feb 4 - Finance seminar at 9
  • Lawrence - look into funding other 5B get




    1. Is your board or constituency interested in participating with API groups on other campuses?
      1. Speaker events, cultural events, socials
        1. Would you prefer if we facilitated/initiated the interactions or would your group prefer to handle the logistics?
    2. What kinds of collaborations would you like to see with local community service organization?
    3. Would your group be interested in seeing more large-scale, external programming (concerts, ECAASU planning) from APSC’s end?
    4. Organizations we want to get involved with -


  • Collaborations between ASAM and APSC - with their new community service initiative - just in general more collaboration because of similar interests
  • Talking to a lot of groups (Sarah has list) - local, national, international (?)
  • Working with philanthropy organization - Asian Liver Center (awareness for hepatitis b)
  • What do you want to see APSC do more for external programming?
  • Already planning multitude of events
  • Formal programming may be a big hit or miss - some events during APSC XIX were not as well attended
  • How to fix apathy?
  • Talk to other 5B groups, because they are smaller - which makes them strong together - APSC may be stuck in a hole of disunity




    1. Do you feel like you are getting the info you need/want?


  • it’s fine, just getting people to open emails
  • having more facebook posts
  • Current-followup is good


  1. How do you think we should utilize social media?
    1. Do you think we should have a tumblr or blog?
    2. Do you think we should post more links like PAACH does?
  2. How often do you check the website?
    1. What would you like to see on the website?
    2. Should the website have divided sections for internships, scholarships, mentors, and outside organizations?
  3. Do you think the layout of the newsletter is fine right now?
  4. What more would you like to see from communications?


Open Forum

Isaac - having board members attending more of our events

Pat - danger of spreading too thin with too many things -> need to have a clearer vision

Lawrence - expanding on all fronts

Sarah - expanding organization to help bring APSC together with its programming; increasing presence on campus

Isaac - if APSC didn’t do funding, maybe it would help us create more high quality program ->

Christian - shifting focus on building relationships; funding is already received mostly elsewhere

Andrew - opposite idea -> what if more funding and less programming so constituents can hold bigger, higher quality events; funding is crucial for some groups/events


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