12/1/14 Board Meeting

APSC XXI Board Meeting Agenda Monday, December 1, 2014. 10:00pm EST.

Rodin M20

What's the best thing that happened to you this break?





    • 5B: SFS Advisory Board
      • Still in progress
    • 5B: CDUS restructuring
      • Meeting this Friday, Dec. 5
    • 5B: sexual violence task force (upcoming)
      • Supposed to be scheduled for early December
    • Presidents dinner
      • TD for Brandon: get in touch with Mithin about how this is going
    • New board spotlight
      • Start after Thanksgiving, highlight a new member of the board each day
      • TD for Everyone: Fill this out if you haven't!
  • TD for Everyone: Fill out When2Meet for photoshoot
  • Essay/VPUL Chart


Vice Chair

    • Board Secret Santa
      • Scheduled for after Winter Break
    • Board Social
      • Escape the Room? Wednesday Dec. 3 at 7:00pm tentatively
    • APSC History
      • Compiled Google doc with APSC related articles in the DP
    • One-on-one meetings with current board members
      • Confirm time with Jennie
  • TD for Jennie: Send out another email with when to meet
    • FYI
  • TD for Everyone: Fill out the form that Jennie sent out
  • All board database
    • Contacted Valerie de Cruz
    • Set up Skype session with alumni boards



    • UA Steering December 2 7:30
  • TD for Albert: Go to UA Steering
    • Data Disaggregation - Admissions Meeting
    • ASAM Meeting (with Chair, Internal)
  • TD for Jin: Talk with Albert and Jennie about ASAM Meeting
    • ASAM Summer Program - based off Africana program


  • TD for Brandon: Update calendar
    • TD for Brandon: Send out reminder email about how dollars are ending soon
  • Lunch w/ a Senior
  • Constituent Board Mixers
    • Gift exchange email sent out


  • T-Change/ICF/Penn Traditions
  • Upcoming Funding Applications
    • PTS Hot Pot Night
  • Funding Steering Assembly
    • Produces common funding app (funds from all sources)
  • Budget Analysis
  • Corporate Sponsorship
    • Met with Peter for sponsor contact info


    • 5B Elections
      • Still going on, Lambda Alliance elections on Tues. Dec 2
    • Columbia Interboard Listserv
    • Collaboration with campus student group - Penn Lenc
      • Next semester, photoshoot celebrating diversity
  • TD for Sarah: Forward email about collaboration with Penn Lens to board
  • APSC wide arts show
    • In the works


  • Social Media
    • new board spotlights, new ideas: constituent group highlights
    • TD for Lisa: annual report formatting
    • C. Group Newsletter List-serv
    • TD for Lisa: Send out reminder email for GBM, include agenda
  • TD for Lisa: Contact Amanda about newsletter going to spam


    • Next board meeting
      • Sunday Dec. 7 @ 5:00pm, Rodin M20
  • TD for Lisa: Book M20 for next board meeting
    • Board meeting during finals?
      • Sunday, Dec. 14 maybe?
    • Restructuring GBM (especially timing constraints)
  • TD for Jin: send out agenda for GBM
      • Leave first 5-10 min for people to get food
  • TD for Brandon and Lawrence: Meet with Kusum about GBM food options and budget
    • Constituent Secret Santa
      • Thursday after break
  • TD for Brandon: Create Facebook event and send Lisa info that you wish to be included in the PAACH newsletter
    • Tell constituents to send out announcement in their own newsletters (if they have)
  • Active Minds Collab
  • QPoC Collab
  • CAPE
    • XX Board agreed to absorb CAPE into APSC
    • What next - what role will CAPE play as a part of APSC
  • Freshmen Liaisons for Spring 2015
    • Market through constituent groups
  • FYI
    • Discussion based environment with freshmen
    • Encourage them to be more invested in the API community
    • Increase social aspect
    • With PEER and APALI, where does FYI stand?
    • Maybe combine CAPE and FYI so it’s more of a programming thing
    • TD for Jennie: Send email notifying members that FYI is canceled this week
  • ASAM Summer Program
  • Board Gear
    • Laptop stickers
    • Zip-up hoodies, crewneck sweaters, hoodies, OPTIONSSS
  • Asian Arts Initiative
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