9/14/14 Board Meeting

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Sunday, September 14, 2014. 7:30pm EST.


Penn Q&A

  • Expected to make a presentation for the constituents
  • will have a Q&A session with them as well
  • Will have elections every calendar year instead of academic year
  • initially established last semester, had a general body steering meeting
  • one senior board member, primarily lower classmen
  • 50 members based on the listserv, 30 based on Facebook


Highs n’ Lows




  • Trustees Meeting - September 18th
    • Who can attend?
      • TD: Kelly + Jin attend meeting
  • APSC Shirts
    • Got them!
    • Sell APSC shirts or give them out for free?
    • TD: Give one to Denzel
  • Eliot Chang?
    • potential APAHW collab
    • TD: Mithin talk to Leeann about Eliot Chang
  • Faculty Diversity Initiative
    • Describing why/how faculty diversity affects and matters to you (2-3 page memo)
    • 5B is working on this currently
    • in preparation for the upcoming meeting, each coalition is working on a memo to present
  • Newsletter Lists
    • All of the Class of 2018 APA identified emails
    • Issue is there are personal emails (some are not active, etc.)
    • TD: Ask Peter about how he feels about this
  • Affirmative Action Panel
    • if anyone is interested, they should come to the meeting
    • TD: Jin and Mithin attend meeting
  • SFS Advisory Board
    • Two dates were sent out as potential meeting times
  • APSC Census
    • Collecting detailed information about people
    • source of data collection for us
    • want to make sure people can access it before we send it out
    • will go a long way in determining how many people are affected by particular issues
    • will be an anonymous survey, will need email to pick the winner for the prize
    • incentivize with a prize at the end
  • APSC Gear
    • TD: look into quarter-zips
  • Visiting GBMs
    • TD: Send out email about visiting GBMs
  • TD: look into blog, how to shut it down?


Vice Chair

  • Peter’s Gift
    • TD: look for gifts for Peter, pick out a mug, APSC t-shirt, etc.
  • APSC Pins
    • Too expensive; scraped
  • FYI
    • TD: Everyone send out the link for the application on Facebook
  • Restaraunt Week
    • Wednesday, September 17th at 6 pm Sampan.
  • Jose Antonio Vargas
    • TD: Reach out to PPA and see what kind of collaboration they are looking for.
  • Internal Responsibilities



  • Late Night Photos Upload
    • TD: Jin upload the photos ASAP
  • 5B Meeting -
    • had the meeting today at Denzel’s house
    • everyone in the 5B except for Jin and Diana are leaving next year
    • trying to reach out to younger students to take on initiatives
    • My Safe Space at Penn campaign is still going on
    • thinking of trying to expand it by reaching out to other centers (i.e. Hillel?)
  • VPUL/5B Dinner w/ Val
    • talked about data collection
    • advised us to go the academic route to study papers about lower income status students, etc.
    • want to bring this up at the Amy Gutman lunch
  • UA Steering Meeting
    • Minutes
    • Alanna Shanahan - Deputy Director of Athletics, Discussion around
  • 5B Diversity Workshop
    • want this to be like Pennacle
    • big gaping holes in the curriculum that needs to be addressed
  • SFS
    • Hasn’t done anything in 5 months
    • brought in Joyce to get the UA on this



  • APSC Dollars
    • It is very slow right now
    • not that many events  because the academic year is just kicking off
    • hoping more groups will start holding more
    • TD: Sheila post FB status about APSC dollars
  • Lunch w/ a Senior
    • Only 4 seniors signed up to the list
    • TD: Rebekah include this in the newsletter
  • Constituent Board Mixers
    • Board mixer coming up- HKSA, Penn Thai and Club Sing
    • TD: Sheila will be sending out the when2meet later tonight



  • FSA Meeting
    • Next Meeting: Tomorrow, September 15th, 7:30pm JMHH 345.
    • Trying to align the schedule so that T-Change becomes the last source of funding
    • Want people to go to ICF and APSC first
    • TD: Kelly will attend the FSA meeting tomorrow
  • UPAAN Email
    • TD: Kelly write an email for UPAAN



  • Columbia AAA Mixer- Oct 25th
    • Mithin, Aashish, Jin, Victoria, Rebekah can go
    • TD: Victoria, check w/ PAACH for travel subsidy
  • Shanghai CIIC Education International Co., Ltd.
    • TD: Victoria, update via email
  • Staceyann Chin
    • TD: Victoria, update via email about status/quote



  • SXSW film festival selection, SAKE-BOMB
    • TD: Mithin contact APAHW about this, forward the email to them
  • Newsletter/General List-serv Status
  • 1-on-1 President and APSC Board Dates
    • TD: Rebekah send out the President 1-on-1 Board Date Google form



  • Who’s running for board next year?
    • Jin
  • Rising Sun Panel
    • J.P. replied to Val Cade. Brace for more panel-related meetings.
  • GMeter
    • TD: Everyone run it before next week.
  • Dollars
    • Incentivize the prize so that it is more personable than just cash
    • Give them $100 off the bat and follow up with some other prizes
    • Dessert tray, APSC cooks dinner for them, send them to NYC
    • Current Plan:
      • First place = $100
      • APSC Board cooks for first three
  • Initiatives - https://docs.google.com/a/sas.upenn.edu/spreadsheets/d/1Wz9X5vGMpElgJSI4UqmPeGTHInuLFpUi0mqsINvdrJ8/edit#gid=0
    • Freshmen Liaisons
      • Application Review
      • TD: Everyone read the apps and rank top 4
      • TD: Mithin send out revised application to include Saturday and Sunday
      • TD: MIthin send out Google doc for interview questions
    • UPAAN Homecoming Happy Hour
    • Freshman Liaison Dinner
    • Visit GBMs
      • TD: Mithin send email to all groups asking when the next GBM is so we can visit them!
  • FYI Planning
    • make sure freshman apply to FYI

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