9/1/14 Board Meeting

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Monday, September 1, 2014. 11:00am EST.


Highs n’ Lows




  • NSO/5B Mental Health Video
    • Hoping this will be an annual project
  • NSO Late Night: CelebrASIAN
    • Good feedback so far
    • Very backed up in the sign up area
    • Turnout was really successful
    • 62% female, 38% male
    • 249 freshmen altogether
  • NAPA Greeks
    • Met with Karu
  • Sep 18th is the next trustees meeting
    • Same day as dinner with SAS (6-8 pm)
    • Meeting will take place in the morning (9:30-11:00 am)
    • Class of 1949 Auditorium (Houston Hall)
    • Budget and Finance Committee meeting, discussing budget allocation

Vice Chair

  • Communications Report
    • Ran analytic software on our Facebook, email, etc.
    • TD: will send out to everyone
  • Restaraunt Week
    • September 11th, 1:30 pm
    • TD: Aashish make the reservation


  • Political Report
    • Want these reports to be presented at the GBM
    • Should be revised and compiled so that we don’t overload constituents with information
    • Should be sent out electronically to alums


  • APSC Olympics
    • Originally supposed to happen during the weekend of APALI
    • We can do this last weekend before school ends, or the weekend after APSC elections (19th)
    • Weekend after Thanksgiving



  • External Report
    • October 28th or November 8th (after APAHW)
  • Columbia AAA Mixer
    • Albert Pan reached out to APA organizations
    • Want to get a mixer together and share ideas/discussion forum in NYC
    • We would prefer the 25th
    • TD: Victoria ask Albert about logistics, is this a day trip? etc.


  • E-mail blast to our contacts
  • TD: Rebekah organize 1-on-1 President and APSC Board Dates (include in newsletter)


  • Dollars
    • Incentivize the prize so that it is more personable than just cash
    • Give them $100 off the bat and follow up with some other prizes
    • Dessert tray, APSC cooks dinner for them, send them to NYC
  • GBM Planning
    • Invite 200 people to the GBM by the end of the day
    • No more than 250 food
    • Pattaya is easy, but pricey. New Delhi, Hummus, Sitar.
    • TD: Aashish look into Sitar, Hummus, Yue Kee, New Delhi, Pattaya (last option), etc. Order food by tomorrow.
    • Icebreakers: ask questions to the person on your left and your right
    • Meet and Greet for the first 25 minutes, get food, then do ice breakers (structured) for 15 minutes
    • Less business, more fun stuff
    • TD: Jin present the annual report and look for pictures (10 minutes tops) after the ice breaker
    • Funding apps for 10 minutes
    • Walk around and meet/talk to people for the last 10 minutes
    • TD: Aashish make the GBM agenda based on these notes
    • TD: Jin and Aashish make a slide for FYI, Lunch with Senior, and Freshman Liaisons
  • Initiatives
    • 3-on-3 MiXXers
      • for the amount of work that we put in, the turnout was a little disappointing
      • people would sign up, but they would not come through (no time)
      • Possibly have 1-on-1 dates for presidents (same format as the board mixers)
      • TD: Sheila send email out to everyone about lunch with a senior, dollars, etc.
      • TD: Sheila send Rebekah Google Doc for lunch with a senior and a blurb about the initiative
      • TD: Rebekah include lunch with a senior in newsletter
  • Ad-Hoc Committees
  • DJ QBERT w/ Jeremy Ellis, DANakaDAN
    • Not really popular artists
    • Not sure they are worth the resources if there is no audience for them
  • Shanghai CIIC Education International Co., Ltd.
    • They are definitely for profit; not on board for this
    • TD: Victoria ask them for more information anyways (MUAHAHA)
  • APAHW Mental Wellness Collab
    • Everyone todo: brainstorm possible ideas for collabs
    • after olympics
  • Back2School President’s BYO
    • after olympics
  • Fall Semester Plans - Vision Doc
    • First Year Immersion
      • TD: Aashish send out forms for FSI after the first GBM
      • Need to program the sessions more, need more facilitators (at least 3)
      • Use PowerPoints from last year, filter applicants this year
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