10/1/14 General Body Meeting

Click here to view full meeting minutes: GBM Minutes 10_1_14 Asian Pacific Student Coalition

General Body Meeting

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

“Rallying Together”


Ice Breaker - Fear in a Hat


Constitutional Amendments

  • Making Vice Chair more internal, so Chair can focus on being the external representative for APSC
  • Grammatical revisions, “domestic and international students”, APA to “API”
  • Making VC of External Affairs responsible for attending other minority coalitions’ GBMs
  • Constitutional Amendments passed. Final copy here


Funding Application - aKDPhi Coffeehouse

  • $100 - majority vote



  • Amanda Hu
    • A moment of silence
  • New listserv
    • Please forward the email address of whoever manages your listserv to Rebekah - communications@upennapsc.org
  • Lunch w/ a Senior
    • Please continue to sign up seniors here! Underclassmen really want to meet you
    • Underclassmen sign up here!
  • 5B Initiatives
    • 5B has done a “My Safe Space at Penn” video/poster project. Check it out here.
    • Started SFS Undergraduate Advisory Board. Let us know if SFS hasn’t been doing their job, we will bring up your concerns during these meetings
    • Data collection, especially for low income students
    • Faculty diversity within all the schools. Working with Dr. Anita Allen for faculty diversity
    • Had lunch with Amy G., she was responsive and answered most questions
    • Trying to address parties that were culturally insensitive last semester -> diversity workshops needed. Working with Deans of other schools to make sure cultural sensitivity is being recognized as an issue on campus
    • November panel for affirmative action
    • Penn security is a long term initiative that is trying to streamline reporting for harassment on campus. Please speak up! We need more data to back us.
  • University Council Updates - Agenda Items Here
    • Trying to get a permanent seat on UC. We represent 25% of the population at Penn, we deserve to have a permanent seat
    • Very short introduction, led by Amy G. who addressed Amanda’s tragedy
    • Year of Health initiatives should include mental health . Next year’s theme is still undecided. The book is however, decided - Langston Hughes - “The Big Sea”. Diverse representation of students  is needed to pick these themes/books. If you know students who are interested, please let us know.
    • Few days before the add/drop period ended, miscommunication between schools. Students did not have time to properly change schedules.
  • Meet our Freshmen Liaisons
    • Welcome Hillary and Albert!
  • HKSA Presents on Hong Kong
    • Very complex situation -> possibly change role of HK in Asia and in the immediate region
    • HK has chief executive right now (no president), debating what kind of form of democracy it should adopt. People taking to the streets bc they feel strongly about how the Chief Executive should be selected
    • Chinese gov. came out and stated that it wishes to screen candidates in the future
    • This afternoon there was a gathering on College Green
    • Round table symposium will be happening soon (details TBA), 3-4 professors who are experts in East Asian politics will be present
    • Will HKSA do anything about this?
      • Mainly letting the HK community and those that are interested know that HKSA is a resource -> publicizing, raising awareness . Will forward more info on this
    • APSC is politically neutral to most issues unless they impact all APIs domestic and abroad
  • APSC T-Shirts
    • BUY A SHIRT! $5 for the first 50 shirts
    • A form will be sent out shortly


Constituent Group Announcements

  • PPA has its GBM Oct. 7 (Filipino Heritage Month)
  • SEAS National Convention registration ending soon! Strongly encourage everyone to apply (not exclusive to engineers and scientists). Career fair is completely free!
  • PPA and SAS are collabing for First Friday events! Museums are free to students on the first Friday of every month. If you have freshmen in your club that might be interested, please send them along.
  • SAS Fall Cultural Show- Nov. 1. Please sign up for freshman dance, senior dance, opening act. Don’t have to be in SAS to be in the show
  • JSA is having Sushi night on Oct. 25 Rodin RTL
  • PTS Bubble Tea Social - 4-6 pm, Oct. 17! Also sign up for bigs and littles; be a part of the family group!
  • APAHW Extravaganza sign ups are due soon! Please sign up to be a volunteer and complete the form so they know what your group will be doing
  • Sigma is having their annual Visions of Chocolate philanthropy event
  • KDPhi Coffeehouse event will be happening on Oct. 17th


Good luck with the first round of midterms! :)