North Korean Defector Speaks Out

NK Defector Event

APSC was recently contacted by the International Affairs Association (IAA) to co-sponsor an event involving a North Korean defector speaking about her experience. IAA was able to get in touch with this defector via a non-profit organization called Jogakbo which according to our resources is Korean for "patchwork". The organization particularly works with bringing Korean women from both sides of the parallel together (the presentation will be very much focused on a Korean women's struggles in North Korea). APSC along with one of our fellow constituents KSA will both be co-sponsoring this event and we highly encourage attending and spreading information about the event. This is truly one of those once in a lifetime opportunities and APSC hopes to engage the community from an educational stance on the unique issues concerning North Korea. APSC would also like to take this opportunity to state that we do not take a political stance on the issues surrounding North Korea and purely hope to co-sponsor this event as an educational resource. Attached below is a link to our forum post, a facebook event page, and a video of the president of the non-profit speaking at a Ted Talk.

Forum Post:

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