APSC Undergraduate Assembly Endorsements

The Asian Pacific Student Coalition Board is proud to announce this year's endorsements for President, Vice President, and Undergraduate Assembly Representatives! We have evaluated a number of student government candidates to identify those who will promote the interests of the Asian and Pacific Islander American community on campus We are extremely confident in each endorsed candidate's experience, vision, and ability to advance our community's interests. Each one has contributed significantly to our campus and we have high hopes for each of them to pursue further collaboration and inclusion as a member of the UA.  Please find our President and Vice President rationales below the list of endorsements. Also, note that voting begins at 12:01 A.M. on March 28. Students can vote by going to www.pennstudgov.com. UA President: Tyler Ernst

UA Vice President: Faye Cheng

SAS Rep: Dan Bernick Cynthia Ip Andrew Lum Mo Shahin Jenny Xia Amanda Young

SEAS Rep: Ibrahim Ayub


RationaleTyler Ernst (W’12/E’12) for UA President

As the Chair of the Student Life Committee, Tyler Ernst has proven incredibly passionate and capable. As Chair of the Lambda Alliance, Ernst worked closely with the Asian Pacific Student coalition as well as other coalitions across campus in order to push for mental health awareness, admissions data disaggregation, and minority faculty recruitment and retention. He’s put in remarkable effort in accentuating. His knowledge of issues facing the APIA community is outstanding and his willingness to work with us to combat these issues is especially commendable. In addition, we are fully confident that his goals of making UA Steering more functional and engaging as well as creating a voting project for project prioritization will increase both APSC’s and the entire student body’s involvement with the UA. We look forward in working with him to expand on the projects within the APIA community that he has already done and push for further collaboration between our groups.

RationaleFaye Cheng (W’12) for UA Vice President

As the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, she worked with the APSC to promote surveying the campus community on their comfort with participating in class. As a member of the committee her sophomore year, Ms. Cheng was instrumental in researching and analyzing data for the APSC/ASAM Proposal on the Status of Undergraduate Minorities. As one of the leaders of the proposal, she reached out to the APIA community to understand issues of representation, inclusion, and scholarship. By participating in programs such as the Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative (APALI), Ms. Cheng has proven herself well-versed in APIA issues and the steps needed to combat these. In addition, by working with the Office of Student Affairs to create a personalized “stress thermometer” application for students, she’s shown commitment to mental health issues on campus. The APSC looks forward to working with Ms. Cheng to promote projects pertaining to the APIA community and increasing APSC’s role within the UA.


The 2011 Asian Pacific Student Coalition Executive Board Nicky Singh, Chair Andrew Lum, Vice Chair Michelle Leong, Vice Chair of Political Affairs Brian Lee, Vice Chair of Constituent Affairs Jay Yang, Vice Chair of External Affairs Charley Ma, Vice Chair of Finance Shawn Chen, Vice Chair of Communications

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