2019 Political Newsletter #2: [APSC Political Newsletter] Additional Information from Vietlead on SE Asian Deportations

Hello everyone, 

As was mentioned in the last newsletter, ICE has been quietly deporting Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees over the last few months. Refugees from these countries were forced to flee because of US-caused strife and warfare, which led to forced resettlement, a lack of community resources, racial tensions, and inter-generational trauma in America, the effects of which are still felt today. Policies today do not adequately reflect such circumstances, and are thus irreparably and unfairly harmful to such communities. 

Thank you to Luke Kertcher for sharing additional resources/events by Vietlead this weekend in regards to these deportations. Please see the below email from Vietlead for more information: 

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well!

So at the end of last year there was a rash of things happening in deportation and detention. For Cambodians, as you know there was upwards of 60 folks slated to be deported by the 24th of December. But after a bunch of organizing and legal advocacy, and successful governor pardon campaigns, that number was cut down to 46. However, that was still the largest number of Cambodians that were deported in one time.  

On the Vietnamese side, the US aggressively pushed for a meeting with the Vietnamese Interior departments to change the Repatriation Agreement. They met for 8 days, and it looks like the US is trying to "reinterpret the agreement" whatever that means for us. 

Now we know that there's a follow-up round up of Cambodians slated to happen at the end of this month (with 100 names on that list) - the only thing is Advancing Justice was able to get a TRO and force ICE to send notifications 14-days in advance to all those families. On the Viet side, they are continuing to meet, with Trump heading to VN when he goes to Korea this month.

So in concert with SEAFN and Viet Anti-Deportation network orgs around the country, we wanted to do a national week of action from Jan 19-25 to highlight all of these issues and developments and continue to put pressure on the gov. About 10 cities have signed on, and we're working to get more. 

In Philly, VL wanted to uplift all these issues at a rally on Sunday, 1/20 from 10am to 2pm. Potentially, this event would be two things:

1) 10am-11:30am: SEA Deportation Teach-In - Update folks about what is going on, and Know Your Rights (At Juntos Office on 6th and Washington)

2) 12pm- 1:30pm: End SEA Deportation Rally (in the 6th & Washington Ave parking lot plaza) <<< this is tentative, still waiting for permission...

I am wondering if you can blast these opportunities to your student bodies - 1) to come to the teach in and learn more, and 2) to attend the rally. Especially Viet, Southeast Asian, and Asian American students. Here is the FB link to the event (you'll notice that the space is TBD).

We have already had some push back in the elder leadership community - saying that they support Trump, and that they won't support this. We feel like it's important therefore to really bring out our 1.5, 2nd, and 3rd generation of Vietnamese leadership in particular to show that actually we do support our community members who are facing unjust double punishment by a system of abhorrent racism, generational poverty and displacement.

Thank you,

Katherine Hsu

Board APSC