Students of the Asian Pacific community descent have a rich history on Penn's campus, and their efforts have been pivotal in the formation of the Asian Pacific Student Coalition in 1995, as well as in creating change within administration and supporting the student body. 

1990:  After student protests, the Asian American Student Alliance meet with Dean Hugo Sonnenschein to discuss Asian American studies. (Source: ASAM website).  

1991: Activism from minority groups causes the school to change the name of its 'Oriental Studies Department', deemed ethnocentric and derogatory towards Asians. 

1993: The first Asian Pacific American Heritage Week takes place. 

1996: The Asian American Studies Program is established, after years of student rallies and meetings with administration. 

1997: The president's committee for Asian Pacific American Student Affairs is formed

1999: Students rally in College Green in an event called "SPEAKOUT!" for the formation of an Asian American resource center.

2000: Founding of an Asian American resource center, the Pan-Asian American Community House

2007: Approval of the Cultural Diversity in the US requirement in Spring 2007, through collaboration with the 5B: United Minorities Council, Latino Coalition, UMOJA, and Lambda Alliance. 

Reform in the Division of Public Safety in Spring 2007

2008: APSC and other 5B organizations come together to create Annual Mental Health Camp, and well as release campus climate data and institutionalize campus climate survey.