Introducing our community.


alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi)


alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. fosters the making of successful leaders by assisting and challenging our members to reach their maximum potential. We strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity and innovation in the promotion of sisterhood, philanthropy, scholastic excellence, and Asian-Awareness in the community while creating lifelong relationships.

President: Juliann Zheng

VP Internal: Rei Fujita

VP External: Lisa He-Wu

VP Programming: Jenny Wang

VP Finance: Michelle Lu

VP Finance (shadow): Nancy Liu

VP New Member Educator: Shirley Dong

Parliamentarian: Yui Shimokobe



Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association (APANSA)


Founded in 2011, the Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association (APANSA) exists to explore and resolve the unique challenges, obstacles, and responsibilities specific to Asian Pacific American (APA) nursing students, nurses and the communities in which they came from.

President: Isabel Li

Vice President: Andre AJ Angelia

Financial Chair: Karen Liao

Communications Chair: Selena Huang

Marketing Chair: Christine Oliva

Programming Chair: Heidi Chiu

Freshman Liaison (Fall 2017): Anjelique Agudo

Freshman Liaison (Fall 2017): Jamie Chung



Chinese Student Association (CSA)


Penn CSA was founded in 1907. Today, the Chinese Students’ Association is an organization that strives to meet the cultural needs of the Penn community as a social, cultural, and political group. We have several big events per semester as well as smaller family group events in order to foster a community among the Chinese, Chinese-American, and just plain human students of the University of Pennsylvania.

President: Jing Jing Zeng

Vice President: Austin Luong

Vice President: Kristie Hong

Secretary: Joyce Li

Treasurer: Jennifer Zhang

Cultural Chair: Alex Shi

Cultural Chair: Howard Li

Member Relations Chair: Emily Chen

Member Relations Chair: Angela Yang

Special Events Chair: Sammy Xu

Special Events Chair: Mindy Wang

Marketing/Design Chair: Helen Liu

Associate: Grant Cho

Associate: Vivian Luong

Freshman Liaison: Lark Yan

Freshman Liaison: Tippy Pei



Club Singapore (ClubSG)


Club Singapore is the representative body of the Singaporean student community at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Singaporean community at Penn is comprised of a diverse mix of undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral students and exchange students from Singapore. Membership currently stands at about 80.

Club Singapore serves two purposes at Penn – to provide a “home away from home” for Singaporeans, and to educate the university’s general population about the “little red dot” that is Singapore. The executive committee consists of 6 undergraduate Singaporeans.

Co-President: Judy Hong

Co-President: Vivek Kai Wen

VP Finance: Satya Prafful



Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)


The Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA) is an student organization at the University of Pennsylvania that hopes to share what makes Hong Kong so special to the Penn community. HKSA celebrates the unique culture of Asia’s most dynamic city, and welcomes any and all Penn students from all backgrounds! Join us for dim sum trips, karaoke, internship panels, alumni networking and more.

President: Jonathan Ho

VP: Tony Xiao

Treasurer: Jennifer Qiu

Communications: Connie Chan

Marketing: Natasha Cheung

Freshmen Representative: Valerie Hung

Freshmen Representative: Juliana Choi

Freshmen Representative: Sharon Chan

Freshmen Representative: Joyee Au Yeung





If you’re interested in Japanese culture or just want to have a good time, get to know us!

Stay up to date with upcoming events!

Co-President: Rebecca Li

Co-President: Keiko Turecamo

VP External: Morgan Thweatt

VP External: Yui Shimokobe

VP Finance: Andy Chen

VP Marketing: Nadia Park

VP Internal: Brock Sevilla

VP Operations: Brian Chirikjian

External Social Chair: Nyazia Bey

External Social Chair: Luisa Healey

Internal Social Chair: Miyu Ono

Internal Social Chair: Kengo Shigeta

Marketing Chair: Daniel Kargilis

Treasurer: John Koga



Korean Student Association (KSA)


The Korean Student Association consists primarily of Korean and Korean-American students whose goal is to promote the education and enrichment of its members and the university community with aspects of the Korean culture. The club and its activities are open to any and all who are interested in the Korean-American community and Korean culture.

President: Joan Lim

Vice President: Cat Park

Treasurer: Ryan Kim

Culture Show Chair: Claire Yu

Culture Show Chair: Faith Cho

Internal Affairs Chair: Hannah Cho

External Affairs: Sarah Kim

Communications Chair: Grace Lee

Secretary: Grace Kim

External Affairs: Jennifer Lee

Internal Affairs Chair: Karen Kim

Social Chair: James Kwon





For anyone who is related to the University of Pennsylvania and “Penn” Thai!

-Promote international understanding of the Thai heritage and friendship with Thai people through intellectual, cultural, and social activities among members and the university community.

-Provide a close-knit community for Thai students and others who are interested in Thai culture.

-Enhance interactions among Thai students at the University of Pennsylvania, along with strengthening relationships with Thai student groups at other universities.

-Establish a strong alumni network which would provide mentorship for current and prospective Thai students at the university.

President: Nouri Alothman

VP External (APSC Rep): Kengo Shigeta

VP Internal: Kate Wattanavekin

VP Finance: Pip Srivikorn

Underclassmen Representative: Gund Jungsanguanpornsuk



Penn Hawaii Club (PHC)


Bringing the Aloha Spirit to UPenn. All are welcome!

President: Jordan Lee

Co-Vice President: Shaylin Marn

Co-Vice President: Kaliko Zabala-Moore

Chair of Internal Affairs: Ethan Ng Pack

Chair of External Affairs: Chris Mok

Treasurer: Nick Lee

Lu'au Chair: Alexander Simafranca

Lu'au Chair: Shae Chambers

Marketing Chair: Ericka Lu



Penn Philippine Association (PPA)


The Penn Philippine Association (PPA) serves to promote the awareness and appreciation of the Philippine culture here at Penn through cultural dance performances, potlucks, karaoke, discussion forums and most importantly, spending quality time with each other. Every spring, we also hold our major Filipino cultural show and festival, Barrio Fiesta. We are an active support network open to all Penn students and faculty interested in the country’s culture and heritage.

President: Gino Bermudez

Executive Vice President: Rom Villarica

VP of External Relations: Jules Almazar

VP of Communications: Suzan Kim

Director of Finance: Zhangyi Fan

Director of Community Outreach: Cheska Romero

Co-Director of Social Programming: Czarina Lokin

Co-Director of Social Programming: Michael Singson

Director of Public Relations: Samantha Abello

Historian/Director of Alumni Relations: Anjelique Agudo

Freshman Liaison (2017-2018): Joey Panganiban

Freshman Liaison (2018-2019): TBD



Penn Pakistan Society (PPS)


PPS is a student organization that aims at bringing together people of Pakistani origin as well as other members of the Penn community interested in Pakistan and its culture. PPS provides a platform to discuss issues related to Pakistan and arranges socio-political debates to address the same. The society organizes musical, cultural, recreational and academic events so as to ensure a vibrant Pakistani community at Penn. It does so with the objective of promoting the identity of Pakistan.

President: Shanzeh Haque

Executive Vice President: Fazle Husain

Vice President of External Affairs(APSC Rep): Noor Shaikh

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Zarnab Chaudhry

Vice President of Finance: Shehryar Khursheed

Vice President of Social Programming: Moiz Jehangir

Vice President of Communications: Khizrah Naveed



Penn Taiwanese Society (PTS)


Penn Taiwanese Society works to provide a network and community for Penn students who are interested in Taiwanese affairs. We regularly hold events to foster cultural enrichment for both PTS members and the greater Penn community. Examples include family group outings, bubble tea socials, educational workshops, food nights, study breaks, dim sum trips, karaoke, and our annual cultural show. PTS also strives to hold strong relationships with other APA organizations on campus with the goal of promoting unity at Penn. Through ITASA leadership retreats, national conferences, and collaborative events, we aspire to reach out beyond our campus and cultivate friendships and connections with other Taiwanese organizations. PTS is committed to bringing the best cultural experience for all those interested.

President: Sean Na

President: William Li

Co-Programming Logistics VP: Rachel Lee

Co-Programming Marketing VP: Hanwen Yang

Financial VP: Alvin Tsuei

Cultural VP: Paul Lin

External VP: Fiona Tsai

Internal VP: Jennifer Yen

Social Chair: Carol Li

Social Chair: Grace Zhou

Marketing Chair: Qingyuan Peng

External/Financial Chair: Karen Yen

Internal Chair: Danielle Lo

Cultural Creative Chair: Fiorentina Huang

Cultural Creative Chair: Christopher Chien

Cultural Logistics Chair: Harrison Chen



Penn Queer & Asian (Q&A)


Penn Q&A is a community dedicated to providing a safe space for support and empowerment, as well as to meet the needs of queer and Asian individuals.

President: Malini Rao
External Chair: Cheska Romero
External Chair: Anders Zhou
Internal Chair: Michael Chen
Treasurer: Cathy Zhang
Media Chair: Janine Lu
General Board Member: Melinda Wang





Sangam is an Asian-American community discussion group. The mission of Sangam is to promote discussion on social, political and cultural issues pertaining to the Pan-Asian community.
We hold monthly Chai Chat discussions (with free chai and samosas!) on a variety of issues; past topics include representation of Asians in the media, interracial dating, perceptions of beauty, and Asian stereotypes.
We aim to serve as an outlet for conversation and a resource for proactive solutions. Often our topics are relevant to the broader minority community. Sangam is open to anyone who is interested in discussing these issues and to those who want to engender dialogue and awareness.

President: Howard Yuan

Vice President: Rudmila Rashid

External Co-Chair: Benjamin Oh

External Co-Chair: Katherine Hsu

Special Events Co-Chair: Chelsea Lin

Special Events Co-Chair: Alicia Jen

Finance Chair: Grant Cho

Publicity Chair: Melisa Lee



South Asian Society (SAS)


The South Asia Society (SAS) is a student organization dedicated to promoting cultural unity and awareness among its members and the University of Pennsylvania community. Penn has always fostered a thriving and enterprising South Asian community, and along with other campus South Asian organizations, SAS has many opportunities to reach out to Penn students and faculty.

Specifically, SAS’ goals are:
·To increase awareness of and educate the Penn community about South Asian culture and heritage.
·To create an environment in which students are encouraged to explore and experience South Asian culture.
·To increase awareness among, educate, and mobilize students in order to address pertinent issues that face the entire South Asian community, the South Asian collegiate community in America and the Penn South Asian community.
·To encourage social interaction between South Asian students.
·To facilitate the adjustment process for incoming South Asian students at Penn.
·To enhance student-faculty relations.

So how exactly does SAS accomplish these goals?
Through cultural shows, political forums, community service activities, social activities, and a whole host of other cultural events. SAS sponsors a host of events geared toward fulfilling the above goals.

President: Divya Rao

VP Internal: Sonia Gandhi

VP External: Sai Bandi

VP Finance: Rahul Rai

VP Marketing: Shaunak Kulkarni

Cultural Chair: Vashvi Shah

Social Chair: Hari Kumar

Political Chair: Santoshi Kandula

Constituent Chair: Suhita Kodali




Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)


SASE (Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers) supports Asian scientists/engineers through professional development, get-togethers, and lots of boba.

President: Varun Jain

Internal Chair: Kevin Zheng

External Chair: Alicia Jen

Social Chair: Nick Ng

Marketing Chair: Jennifer Yen

Finance Chair: Tiffany Tsang



Sigma Beta Rho (SBP)


Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity was established at the University of Pennsylvania to instill leadership qualities in campus men, organize and motivate UPenn men to provide service to our society, and to raise cultural awareness on our campus. Sigma Beta Rho was founded to embody the ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance among its members.
Sigma Beta Rho empowers its members to be leaders in the Greek community at the University of Pennsylvania and in our society. Because our community and society has been so generous in harboring our brotherhood and ideals, we have done our part as a brotherhood to give back to our community through our various community service and philanthropic efforts. We have worked with organizations such as the Children International and S.O.S. Children’s Villages USA, and Save the Music Foundation to offer our brothers, as well as the rest of our community, an opportunity of serve society.


Sigma Psi Zeta (SYZ)


Sigma Psi Zeta is a multicultural, Asian-interest Greek organization. We are a cultural, social, educational, and community service-oriented sorority, the first Greek-lettered sorority of its kind to be established on the East Coast. Today, it is one of the largest and most distinguished Asian-interest sororities in the nation, and it is the first officially recognized Asian-interest sorority at Penn.
At Penn, the sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta strive to create a network for strong, ambitious women and promote professional, educational, and individual development. Since our chapter’s establishment, we have made our presence felt through our participation and leadership in a wide range of campus organizations and activities, as well as our determination and desire to promote the ideals of Sigma Psi Zeta. Our abilities and strengths are reinforced by the bonds of sisterhood, and together, we work to achieve our individual and collective goals.

President: Cindy Fan

Executive Vice President: Nora Tan

VP External Affairs: Nicole Seah

VP Internal Affairs: Ivory Su

VP Programming: Valerie Hung

Program Educator: Kara Hu

Program Educator Assistant: Christina Bae



Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)


The Penn Vietnamese Students’ Association strives to promote awareness about Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture through community service, cultural performances, and social events. VSA is also dedicated to being an active participant in both the Penn and local Philadelphia communities as well as being a place for Vietnamese students and those interested in Vietnamese culture to connect.

President: Dan Truong

Vice President External: Luke Kertcher

Vice President Internal: Gracelynn Soesanto

Treasurer: Michelle Bahar

Secretary: Stefanie Lee

Culture Show Co-Chair: Ivy Wong

Culture Show Co-Chair: Xue Yao Zou

Publicity Chair: Ime Etokebe

Freshman Liaison: Tracy Tran

Freshman Liaison: Ryan Le

Freshman Liaison Claire Nguyen



Wharton Asia Exchange (WAX)


A student-run professional organization of UPenn’s Wharton School bridging the gap between the university community and the Asian business environment.
By providing the requisite resources to increase the understanding of business in Asia, WAX aims to fulfill the aspirations of students interested in making a difference in Asia. The fast-growing, dynamic environment in Asia opens up limitless opportunities for the world’s brightest young minds to establish lasting relationships with their Asian counterparts. This bond will allow the exchange of knowledge, the development of trust, and the foundation of a more fully-integrated global business environment.

President: Diana Lu

Co-VP Communications: Sophia Ye

Co-VP Communications: Proud Tuksinwarajarn

Treasurer: Ravi Patel

Co-VP Journal: Alina Peng

Co-VP Journal: Melinda Hu

VP Professional: Jonathan Mak

VP Corporate and Alumni Relations: Benjamin Liu

VP Corporate Ventures: Emily Fu

VP Global Markets: Parth Khare



Wharton China Business Society (WCBS)


Wharton China Business Society (WCBS) is a professional, student-run organization at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Comprised of 9 major programs and over 100 undergraduate students, our aim is to improve our understanding of China’s business landscape and markets. Our programs are designed to connect and bridge students in the United States to the Greater China region, whether it be for knowledge, career, networking, or friendship.

President: Emily Zhao

VP of Operations: Rachel Zhou

VP of Finance: Frances Liu

Director of Corporate Relations: Brandon Winner

Director of Events: Haoran Wen

Co-Director of Forum: Karina Shah

Co-Director of Forum: Oluwafeyikemi (Feyi) Makinde

Co-Director of Forum (Case Competition): Catherine Ruan

Director of Internal Affairs: Serena Yiin

Director of Journal: Lisa Zou

Director of Marketing & Technology: Shirley Yang

Co-Director of Business Ventures: Valerie Hung

Co-Director of Business Ventures: Jennifer Zhang



Wharton Korean Undergraduate Business Society (WKUBS)


Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society (WKUBS) is a professional student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania. We aim to provide a unique and professional experience to those interested in thebusiness culture of Korea. Since the beginning, Korea Undergraduate Business Society has sought to provide professional experiences unique to Korean business culture to the UPenn community. We also aspire to be active outwards by building a professional collegiate network with other business schools and organizations, both in the United States and Korea. In addition, we plan to reach out to future members - such as high school students - who can bring fresh ideas into our cohesive network in the future.

Co-President: Sarah Kim

Co-President: Wendy Hirata

VP Internal Relations: JiWhan Moon

VP Marketing: Kyua Park

VP Casing: Tae An

VP Business Analysis: Jun Hwuy An

Co-VP Events: Yeunsu Ryu

Co-VP External: Minjoo Kim

Co-VP External: Ji Hyun Kim