1.31.18 GBM

Hey y'all,

Our next GBM will be this upcoming Wednesday. Join us, and experience some fun while meeting people. Whether you go because you are required to or just because you want to, we encourage you to still come and enjoy our presence. Be there, or be... we don't do squares any more.


Hi y'all! Want to become more involved on campus? Interested in learning more about issues in the API community as well as helping to make change? Well then apply to the APSC Board Mentee Program and prepare to work with the board of the Asian Pacific Student Coalition to build community, solve problems, and enact change. Details are below, and thank you for your interest!
Deadline: 01/31/18 11:59PM
Please submit to: board@upennapsc.org
And please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns 😀.

Run for APSC XXIV!

It's hard to believe, but it's almost time to elect the next APSC board. Everyone (younger than the Class of 2018) is eligible to run for APSC. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in APSC to reach out and learn more about what it's like to be on board.
If you know someone who would be a great candidate, please continue to nominate here.
Important Dates for Candidates:
  • Meet with the role(s) you are interested in: anytime before elections
  • Candidate's Meeting: Tuesday, 10/31 at 7:30 PM in PAACH
    • Mandatory for all candidates, email me if you cannot make it
  • Application Due Date: Sunday, 11/5 at 11:59 PM
  • Elections: Wednesday, 11/8 at 8:00 PM (candidates must arrive by 7:45 PM)
    • Arch 108

Apply Here: APSC-XXIV-Executive-Board-Application-2018

Apply to be our FRESHMAN LIAISON!


APSC highly encourages any freshmen interested in becoming more involved in Penn’s API community to apply to become a Freshman Liaison for APSC. The Freshman Liaison will:

  • Develop as a leader in the API community, meet leaders of APSC constituent groups, and learn more about the issues facing our community.
  • Promote APSC, its constituents, and its initiatives to the freshman class.
  • Recruit other freshmen to join APSC’s constituents and Executive Board.
  • Attend APSC’s weekly Executive Board meetings as well as its biweekly General Body meetings.

The position will require a commitment from September until November 8th, when the Executive Board turns over and the new board is elected.

To apply, please fill out the application below and submit it to chair@upennapsc.org by 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 17th. Executive Board will conduct in-person interviews in the days following the submission of the application. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at board@upennapsc.org!

APPLY HERE: 2017 APSC Freshman Liaison Application

Self Defense Workshop!


Join APSC at its Self Defense Workshop! Date: Sunday, September 24th, 2017 Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm Where: Division of Public Safety Building, 4040 Chestnut Street Room TBD

The self defense class will have a holistic take on self-defense, teaching botoh physical and psychological preparedness. In collaboration with the Penn Department of Public Safety, the self defense training course will provide women with public safety-awareness and strategies that can help them avoid, escape, and survive assault if they do occur.

Spaces are limited, so please sign up if you would like to attend: You will recieve an email confirming your attendance following your registration.https://goo.gl/forms/yJo0etpDI8GmWUKE2

APSC First General Body Meeting


Join us for our first General Body Meeting in the ARCH building (Room 108)! Come meet student leaders, get acquainted with the constituents, and learn ways to get involved with all our diverse organizations.Food from Ekta will be provided! Everyone is welcome! We hope to see you there!

Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Time: 8PM-9PM Location: ARCH Room 108

Click here to redirect to our Facebook event. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Asian Pacific Student Coalition (APSC) exists as an alliance of Asian Pacific Islander (API) student groups at the University of Pennsylvania. As the umbrella group with constituents from 23 pan-Asian Pacific Islander (API) organizations, APSC serves the needs of all students of Asian and Pacific Islander descent.

Visit our website for more information: www.upennapsc.org Contact us at board@upennapsc.org! Join our listserv: https://goo.gl/forms/d5w9ci5PxLupAa0b2

Celebrate CelebrASIAN with APSC!


Celebrate CelebrASIAN with APSC!

UPenn Asian Pacific Student Coalition - APSC is proud to present our annual NSO Late Night CelebrASIAN!

CelebrASIAN seeks to welcome students to campus by showcasing Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander culture at Penn. This year, we have over 30 groups participating from cultural to pre-professional to performing arts and more! Come meet members of our community, learn about how to get involved, play games, watch performances, and of course, ~eat food~. We can't wait to meet you!

UPenn Asian Pacific Student Coalition - APSC
UPenn alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Penn Chinese Students' Association
Hong Kong Student Association UPenn
Penn Japan Student Association
UPenn Korean Student Association
UPenn Lambda Phi Epsilon
Penn Queer and Asian
Penn Philippine Association
Penn Taiwanese Society
Penn Sangam
UPenn South Asia Society
Sigma Psi Zeta - University of Pennsylvania
Penn VSA (Vietnamese Students' Association)
Wharton Asia Exchange (WAX)

AAPI Politics
Penn Asian American Studies (ASAM) Undergraduate Advisory Board
Asian Pacific American Heritage Week
Asian Students Promoting Identity, Reflection, and Education - ASPIRE
Promoting Enriching Experiences & Relationships (PEER Mentoring Program: http://www.pennpeer.com/index.html)
7/8 (First Generation Low Income Support Network)

Pan-Asian Dance Troupe
Penn Dhamaka
Penn Lions
Penn Masala
Penn Masti
Penn Raas

Thank you to the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) for their help and support.

Performance Schedule: TBA

GBM PowerPoints | 12/7/16-3/15/17

Here's a compilation of all the GBM PowerPoints from the December 7th to March 15th. Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - General Body Meeting PPT 12/7/16

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - General Body Meeting PPT 1/18/17

Wednesday, February 15, 2017  - General Body Meeting PPT 2/15/17

Wednesday, March  1, 2017 - General Body Meeting PPT 3/1/17

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - General Body Meeting PPT 3/15/2017

President's Forum Minutes

Sunday, February 5, 2017

  • Icebreaker (What we share)
      • Taking risks and changing the pathways of group
      • Bringing back the importance of history in our groups
      • Bridging the gap between respective groups; meeting new people
      • Fear of curveballs and current political climate
      • Key Takeaways
        • There is no one set criteria to being an APSC member
        • We share a lot of commonalities, whether we know it or not
  • What has APSC been doing well?
      • Board liaisons increase comfort in the APSC space
      • Sabino’s political newsletter summarizes political climate
      • APSC president’s dinner was a casual setting to meet new leaders in community
  • What can APSC do better?
      • Treasurer’s meeting
      • Be more personal with groups, getting to know more of the groups better
  • APSC initiatives feedback
        • Support for initiatives towards health
        • I CARE Training (February 28th, 5-8pm) Dinner provided
          • Module must be completed before hand
          • Potentially sending General Boards as well (for smaller boards)
          • May be difficult to send people to the training (class/lack of interest/rehearsal for other events/midterms)
          • Would you need to do I CARE Training if you have already gone through it? Send another member to I CARE
          • Goal is to expose more people to I CARE Training
  • Suggestion: Have two sessions of I CARE Training, to help people work better with their schedules
  • Suggestion: Have a session on the weekend
  • Subsidized ticket
        • Can APSC subsidize the tickets out of their own budget?
        • 8 groups have culture shows/large events
          • VSA- Subsidize 50% of the ticket for all APSC board members
          • PTS- Allowing APSC board members to pay a member’s fee
        • Lack of clarity in the benefits of only providing one free ticket
        • APSC’s job is to be a supporter of constituents, they should not be favored
        • If there is a subsidy for APSC board, why not a subsidy for a regular member of the group?
  • Constituent groups feedback
    • Show up to more free events (come to events that don’t cost money)
    • Make information of each group more accessible
      • Post meeting minutes on website and include a link in the newsletter
      • The website is a place to find APSC resources!
      • Google Drive shared folder
      • More events such as President Forum to facilitate intergroup exposure (board mixers)
      • Difficulty logistically coordinate events with APSC groups
    • Collaboration between groups
      • Make it easier to find the right person to contact from a group
      • President’s Facebook group
      • A short, 30-60 minute event for external chairs
      • GroupMe with external chairs of respective APSC groups
      • Potentially have a systematic, easy way to reach out (every month send out a list of groups that are ready to collaborate in newsletter)
      • Collaboration is based on the content of the event, not just availabilities
    • Penn Q&A-Send board members/APSC members to attend more events supporting other communities
    • Passion projects→ how effective are they really?
      • Have a real reason behind hosting APSC events
      • APSC will put constituent events first and foremost