The Asian Pacific Student Coalition has led the effort in promoting awareness, facilitating conversations, and solving problems to improve experiences for Asian Pacific-Islander students at the University of Pennsylvania.


Our Mission

Founded in the fall of 1995, the Asian Pacific Student Coalition (APSC) exists as an alliance of Asian Pacific American (APA) student groups at the University of Pennsylvania. The primary purpose of APSC is to represent the interests and causes of the APIA community to the University administration. APSC also functions to promote and celebrate the richness of APIA culture, facilitate communication between student groups, and provide a forum for discussion on issues of student concern.



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Board XXIV


Soomin Shin // Chair C β€˜19 - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Preferred Pronouns? she/her/hers

Vision for APSC? I want to create a space for dialogue and action for issues that impact constituent groups and the broader API community at Penn.

Hobbies and interests? Music and nature

Other activities @ Penn? Epsilon Eta, Student Sustainability Association at Penn

What is your go-to food truck order? Magic Carpet Bella Donna

Spirit emoji? πŸ˜‚

Soomin studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and her other passions include environmental sustainability. In her free time, Soomin can be found playing the violin and taking leisurely strolls around Philadelphia. 



Kamal Gill // Vice Chair C '20 - Biological Basis of Behavior // South Asian Studies // minor is Asian American Studies

Preferred Pronouns? he/him/his

Vision for APSC? I want to bring together students and to be able to develop strong personal connections and community at Penn.

Hobbies and interests? Reading

Other activities @ Penn? Penn Sikh Organization, MEDlife

What is your go-to food truck order? Chicken cheesesteak with mushrooms and grilled onions

Spirit emoji? πŸ˜‰

Kamaljot is a sophomore from sunny California passionate about learning. He's currently hoping to pursue grad school after Penn and loves academia. His goal is to write a paper on the Theosophical Society and its influence in South India.


Jessica Li // Vice Chair of Political Affairs C '20  - English // minoring in Consumer Psychology

Preferred Pronouns? she/her/hers

Vision for APSC? I want to cultivate an environment of political awareness, progress, and tangible action within the API community at Penn, while increasing my knowledge of API issues in the broader Penn community.

Hobbies and interests? Viola, reading, eating new foods, procrastinating

Other activities @ Penn? The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn Symphony Orchestra, The, Epsilon Eta

What is your go-to food truck order? Bacon, egg, and cheese on a long roll

Spirit emoji? πŸ€”

Jess is a sophomore in the College studying English, creative writing, and consumer psychology. On campus, she is an opinion columnist for the DP and plays viola in the Penn Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, she enjoys taking low-quality pictures of her food and procrastinating responsibilities with Netflix.


Tiffany Wang // Vice Chair of Constituent Affairs C '20 - Communications // International Relations

Preferred Pronouns? she/her/hers

Vision for APSC? I want to be able to be a support system for constituent groups, and to build connections and friendships between members.

Hobbies and interests? Sleeping, being a loaf of bread

Other activities @ Penn? Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program; alpha Kappa Delta Phi; Penn Taiwanese Society

What is your go-to food truck order? Lyn's Egg and Cheese on a long roll

Spirit emoji? πŸž

Tiff studies communication and international relations. In the APIA community, she's involved in ASPIRE, aKDPhi, and PTS. In her free time, she drinks (an unhealthy amount of coffee) and takes naps.

P.S. Tiff would like to say she does not look like a slice of bread.



Philip Chen // Vice Chair of Finance W '20 - Finance // Management // minoring in Film Studies

Preferred Pronouns? he/him/his

Vision for APSC? I want to help establish a funding process that is streamlined and easy to navigate. I also want to foster greater collaboration and exchanges among constituents in the APSC community.

Hobbies and interests? Travel, good food, binge-watching Netflix, filmmaking, theatre

Other activities @ Penn? PennSEM Consulting, Kite and Key, Nexo Productions, Wharton Undergraduate Consulting Club

What is your go-to food truck order? The classic: Chicken on rice

Spirit emoji? πŸŒ΄ because I am always looking for a tropical place to escape to

Philip is a Sophomore in Wharton from Melbourne, Australia. Philip’s greatest passions include travelling, performing arts, filmmaking and food. Outside of APSC, Philip is involved with the Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement, Kite and Key Society and Nexo Productions. In his free time, Philip can be found eating his way across Philadelphia.


Sophia Song // Vice Chair of External Affairs W '20 - Finance // Marketing // minor in French & Francophone Studies

Preferred Pronouns? she/her/hers

Vision for APSC? I want to cultivate a greater awareness for API issues in the entertainment industry. I also want to establish collaborations between constituents and the greater Philadelphia community.

Hobbies and interests?

Other activities @ Penn? Wharton Management Club, WQHS Student Radio, Wharton International Business Review, Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club

What is your go-to food truck order? Lyn's egg, spinach and cheese on an everything bagel

Spirit emoji? πŸ€·

Sophia is a sophomore in Wharton from Toronto, Canada. Coming from a background in music, she loves watching musicals, playing the violin, and hosting her radio show on campus! In her spare time, you can find her walking to Center City, eating airplane pretzels, or singing High School Musical songs in her room.


Eaton Lin // Vice Chair of Communications C '21 - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics // Computer Information Science // minoring in Music

Preferred Pronouns? he/him/his

Vision for APSC? I want to facilitate efficiency in existing communications networks, to promote and nurture a healthy API community, and to further the presence of APSC in the campus-wide community.

Hobbies and interests? Failing fast notes, foodtography, and falling into waterfalls

Other activities @ Penn? Penn Chamber, Promoting and Enriching Experiences and Relationships (PEER)

What is your go-to food truck order? Generic Halal chicken or Kim's Mapo Tofu

Spirit emoji? πŸ˜Š

Eaton is a freshman from Portland, Oregon who is studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Computer Information Science . He is currently involved with Penn Chamber as a violist. In his spare time, Eaton enjoys blasting a diverse playlist, fiddling around on the viola, and searching for nature in a post-industrial city.

P.S. Eaton would like to say that midnight Wawa runs are the best!


Students of the Asian Pacific community descent have a rich history on Penn's campus, and their efforts have been pivotal in the formation of the Asian Pacific Student Coalition in 1995, as well as in creating change within administration and supporting the student body. 

1990:  After student protests, the Asian American Student Alliance meet with Dean Hugo Sonnenschein to discuss Asian American studies. (Source: ASAM website).  

1991: Activism from minority groups causes the school to change the name of its 'Oriental Studies Department', deemed ethnocentric and derogatory towards Asians. 

1993: The first Asian Pacific American Heritage Week takes place. 

1996: The Asian American Studies Program is established, after years of student rallies and meetings with administration. 

1997: The president's committee for Asian Pacific American Student Affairs is formed

1999: Students rally in College Green in an event called "SPEAKOUT!" for the formation of an Asian American resource center.

2000: Founding of an Asian American resource center, the Pan-Asian American Community House

2007: Approval of the Cultural Diversity in the US requirement in Spring 2007, through collaboration with the 5B: United Minorities Council, Latino Coalition, UMOJA, and Lambda Alliance. 

Reform in the Division of Public Safety in Spring 2007

2008: APSC and other 5B organizations come together to create Annual Mental Health Camp, and well as release campus climate data and institutionalize campus climate survey.