Increasing Involvement Opportunities

  • Expanding GBMs to be increase attendance from entire APA community
  • Increasing political awareness and activism
  • Advocate for issues that constituents care about
  • Get entire constituency involved in activism
  • Promoting break-out discussions in order for people to share their opinions and ideas
  • Provide a forum for discussion as well as a space for meeting new people
  • Create new ways for constituents and community members to get involved in event planning, even if they’re not already involved in an organization

Increasing Visibility and Transparency

  • Inform students of board goals and projects as they’re happening so that constituents can get involved
  • Increase information available on APSC’s technology initiatives, including, but not limited to, website, twitter, and calendar.
  • Increase APSC board’s attendance of constituent events

Increasing Intergroup Interaction

  • Create events for boards of constituents to meet each other in a social setting
  • Find an issue that entire constituency is interested in and have the constituency work together on advocacy
  • Use raffle system effectively


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